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5x40 Night Vision Monocular

5x40 Night Vision Monocular

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USCAMEL Night vision monocular can be useful for a variety of activities, including camping, hunting, and hiking. They can also be used for surveillance and security purposes. With night vision binoculars, you can see in low-light or none light conditions, which can be helpful if you are trying to navigate in the dark or need to see something that is a distance away. Additionally, night vision binoculars can be fun and exciting to use, giving you the ability to see things that you might not be able to see with the naked eye.



  • Easy usage. The control panel is placed on top for easy operation in day or night with one hand.
  • 13x Max Magnification. 5x Optical magnification plus up to 8x digital magnification, meeting most usage requirements.
  • 40mm Large Optical Aperture Lens. 40mm FMC coating objective lens enhances light-gathering capability to provide a more comfortable view.
  • B&W Image, Video. Built-in infrared Illuminator enable observe target in totally dark condition and the range up to 656 feet. CCD auxiliary lighting keeps the image clear and bright. 9 IR levels and 9 brightness levels are adjustable according to the ambient light.
  • Equipped Rechargeable Battery. Shipped with a 750mAh 3.7v rechargeable battery. The detachable design will suit changing usage requirements and scenarios.
  • 2.5h Usage Time. Maximum 2.5h live time without infrared illuminator. About 1h live time with IR illuminated.
  • Accessories. Package includes a USB cable and an AV cable. Can be used for recharging(5V/1A) & connected to PC for transferring videos or output real-time to screen.
uscamel y67226,prodcut detail descriptions, convenient design for one-handed operation uscamel y67226, day/night usable, 40mm large objective lens can be use without auxiliary light in the low light environment uscamel y67226, FMC green film objective lens, could be use as original monoculars with same HD gorgeous viewing uscamel y67226, shipping with rechargeable battery, maximum 2.5h using time(without auxiliary light) uscamel y67226, easy useing experience with automatically turn on auxiliar lighting in the dark, 3 minute auto turn off without using


Color Camo
Optical Magnification 4x
Digital Magnification 8x
Eyepiece Dimensions 21mm
Objective Lens Dimensions 40mm
Coating FMC Green Filter
Battery Battery-powered
Weight 1.39 pounds
Package Dimensions 3.38 x 2.2 x 7.87 inches
Package Includes 1x 8G MicroSD
1x neck strap
1x USB cable
1x av line
1x user manual
1x wipe cloth
1x protective case

Daylight Warning
In daytime or strong light environment. MAKE SURE the infrared filter cap is covered. Otherwise, it may cause irreparable damage to the product.
Solar Warning
For the safety of you and the people or environment around you, please
1. Don't aim your telescope at the sun, or anywhere near the sun! Instant and irreversible damage can occur, including blindness!
2. Don't let children use any telescope without adult supervision at any time.
3. Avoid sudden temperature fluctuations as the moisture in the air will condense on the objective lens. Should this happen, then place the objective lens not too close to a source of heat and allow the moisture to evaporate slowly.
4. Don't try and use it by aiming through a window indoors. If the window is closed, the window glass will produce reflections and distortions. If the window is open, the moving air currents of different temperatures will cause distortions.
5. When mounting the parts ensure that the securing screws are not tightened too tightly. Tightening too tightly could result in damage to the parts or the internal thread of the holders.

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