An Old Man's Experience

An Old Man's Experience

Robert Reeves

Hello, I'm Robert Reeves and I have a lifelong passion for the Moon. I'm grateful for the chance to share my love for lunar observation with you.

I captured my first lunar image in 1959 during the exciting early days of space exploration. During the next decade, the Moon captivated the world as astronauts and cosmonauts pushed the boundaries of humanity with groundbreaking missions like Apollo 11. The advancement in astrophotography technology has made it possible for amateur astronomers to take detailed images of the Moon from their own backyard.

In my opinion, we are currently experiencing a golden era of amateur lunar observation. With high-performance equipment that is both accessible and affordable, amateur astronomers can capture stunning images of the Moon, even in light-polluted areas.

I invite you to join me in exploring the Moon, our closest neighbor. Viewing the Moon through a telescope is both a work of cosmic art and a scientific experience. Soar to the Moon through your telescope and experience the artistic inspiration that has fueled poetry and prose for centuries. Soar to the Moon through your telescope and feel the joy of exploring another world.

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