Full Moon

Full Moon

The full Moon is more than a picturesque sight against the night sky. It is a time to observe the entire surface of the Moon and reflect on its history of transformation. The familiar face of the Man-in-the-Moon holds a story of geological evolution that dates back four and a half billion years.

It is believed that during the early stages of the solar system, the proto-Earth and another planet the size of Mars competed for dominance in the region where Earth now orbits. The proto-Earth and the other planet, named "Theia," eventually collided in a catastrophic event that vaporized both. The modern Earth and its new Moon formed from the resulting cloud of debris.

Next time you admire a full Moon, try to envision the incredible sights it would have witnessed nearly four billion years ago as massive asteroid impacts shaped its surface. Though the Moon now appears peaceful and serene, it was once a fierce cosmic arena. But today, the friendly face of the Man-in-the-Moon gazes toward Earth and reminds us of its enduring stability.

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