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You might want to go out for a wild trip or something. And thinking about what should I prepare for my dreaming vacation. No cities, not so many people. Just me and my love, oh and my dog.

As we always know from movies or pictures. Binoculars are usually used for marines or hunting. Well, that is only part of it. To explore your view of this beautiful world, first you need a binocular.
People are often confused by the myriad of specifications and don't know how to buy the binocular they expect.

The most important parameter is magnification.
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Binoculars are designated using the a pair of number like "10x50".


The first number indicates that the binoculars have a 10x magnification capability, in other words, the ability to zoom in on the observation target 10 times closer, a target 1000 meters away can be observed through the 10x binoculars, the image size will be the same as it is from 100 meters the distance is directly observed with the naked eye.
The numbers on the back indicate that the binoculars have an objective lens diameter of 50 mm. The higher the number, the brighter and clearer the image and the more comfortable the viewing, but correspondingly increase the size, weight, and price of the binoculars.


So, the next question is: Is higher magnification better?


A common intuition is that the higher the magnification of the binoculars, the better. Well, that's fake. Just like when we take pictures or videos with our mobile phone or camera, the problem of shaking is inescapable. The same goes for binoculars. Even with two hands, the higher the magnification, the less stable it is.


And take into account the degradation of image quality caused by the darkening of the field of view and increased magnification, as well as atmospheric stability, etc. Manufacturing these binoculars would have to increase the size of the objective or the manufacturing process, which would greatly increase the size and weight of the binoculars. You don't want to take a box or case with a binocular on your trip. Besides, the larger the objective lens, the higher the price. Anyone wouldn't like to spend most of their money to buy a binocular, instead, the journey itself is the most important.


Here is USCAMEL 10X50 Marine Binoculars for your check.


Cover Image: Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash
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