Whether agrees or not, the wait for receipt is always long and torturous.
This has always been a major problem for international sales stores like USCAMEL. In general, DHL or USPS delivery has been quite fast, but since the pandemic of 2020, this service has faced unprecedented difficulties and continues to present.

To clarify, to shorten the time for cross-border delivery, USCAMEL has been trying to use local warehouses for shipping since 2014. Yes, before uscameloptics.com was established. This has greatly reduced the time it takes for shoppers to get our products. If DHL or USPS takes about 10 days to ship, using a local warehouse cuts that time in half. 
So uscameloptics.com has inherited this excellent service. When in stock, customers in the US, Europe, UK(it is now a separate delivery area after Brexit), and Canada can enjoy the local warehouse shipping service.
*Other areas not listed will be shipped from our central fulfillment center(Guangzhou).
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